Grupo Iñesta e Ivace trabajan juntos en un nuevo proyecto medioambiental

Grupo Iñesta IVACE

October 26, 2016 at our facility, we received a representative of the Valencian Institute of business competition (IVACE) during the follow-up of the project Grupo Inesta and IVACE currently developed together: “Design and manufacturing of new products through the recovery and reuse of waste, from manufacturing processes of fertilizers in the same facilities”. This totally innovative and unique project, will allow us to reuse our industrial effluent in the manufacturing of new products becoming a company with 0 residues. From Grupo Inesta we work to always be at the forefront of agriculture with the environment as one of our main concern.

All Grupo Inesta team would like to thank IVACE for the confidence you have placed in us, together we will work for sustainable development so that we can live in a better world.