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Due to the firm commitment of the company to R+D+i, Grupo Iñesta is developing new lines of research at the biotechnological and biochemical level.





The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI in Spanish) has granted ALFREDO IÑESTA financing for the development of a Research and Development project.

The research project BIOENTONOMY: NEW BIOECONOMY STRATEGIES THROUGH INSECT BIOTECHNOLOGY (IDI-20210222), has as its main objective:

-The development and formulation of new products for use as agricultural inputs from the recovery of insects fed with agro-industrial waste.

-The study of the protein and lipid fraction from the biomass of insects that show an interesting biological activity.

The project has been proposed in a time frame of 36 months from September 2020, being executed by the entity ALFREDO IÑESTA and AMS LAB in the province of ALICANTE, with the collaboration of the Tecnova Technological Center (located in Almería). The development of the same will involve a mobilization of an investment of 647,774 euros of total budget.

This project is framed within the call for R&D Projects, subsidized by the CDTI, supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and co-financed with Structural Funds of the European Union (ERDF) within the “Operational Growth Program Smart 2014-2020 “.


Proyecto Bioentonomy Grupo Iñesta