The liberalization of the European sugar market in October 2017 means that each country can produce without limitations as there are no laws to regulate it. This new situation has triggered a spectacular increase of sugar stock in the European Union, generating a surplus of product leaving the price below of costs.
Grupo Iñesta always bets on innovation to achieve a new sustainable agriculture model. Thus, the collaboration with AIMCRA (Asociación de Investigación para la Mejora de la Remolacha Azucarera, the Research Association for the improvement of the Sugar Beet) came up to carry out an essay that exposes the benefits of Alfredo Iñesta’s bioactivators and their contribution to find a solution to the sugar crisis.
The results couldn’t have been more satisfactory. In the first campaign, in which bioactivators were applied, there was an increase of 18 percent in production, 17 percent more kilos of sucrose and an estimate profitability of 382€ per hectare. Now, the second campaign is being developed and we will know the results soon.
Grupo Iñesta thanks its collaborators Séneca Green, Gesytec Ingenieros and Azucarera Española for their great work and their confidence in our special fertilizers.