AMINOLOM ENZIMÁTICO 30 Peru BioscienceThe Yungay is a variety of potatoes that grows in the Peruvian Andes, which has a very characteristic yellow colour as it has more betacarotene (Vitamin A) than other types.
We made this essay to prove the excellent efficiency of AMINOLOM ENZIMÁTICO 30% with our partner in the country BIOSCIENCE.
An application of 5 mL/L of AMINILOM ENZIMÁTICO 30% was added during the growth phase which is between the 35th and the 50th day after the plantation. The cultivation gave a fast and vigorous response, boosting vital reactions from the vegetal metabolism while saving energy.
Despite hails, potatoes where able to recover by using AMINOLOM ENZIMATICO 30% because its high concentration of easily assimilable amino acids improves the response of plants against adverse situations.
AMINOLOM ENZIMÁTICO 30% helps the plant to synthesize its proteins without consuming the necessary energy during the metabolic processes that transform inorganic nitrogen into amino acids.