Winter is coming, Aminolom Frost is protecting

Our Aminolom Frost is a product designed to help prevent and avoid thermic stress both for situations of cold and heat. Its´ use is recommended for horticultural, flowers, root vegetables (such as potatoes) and bulbs (like garlic and onions). This product allows us to help alleviate temperature problems, since the product has activated the water retaining mechanisms in the cell walls, which make I t more difficult for it to evaporate or freeze. Likewise, thanks to advances in weather predictability, it is fairly simple to know when frost is going to happen, so that we can apply to protect the plant.

Having this functionality, Group Inesta recommends this product via irrigation in a proportion of 2.5 liters/hectare with repetitions every 15 days. Likewise, when extreme temperatures are expected on a particular date, the dose must be doubled (5 L/hectare), 5 days before the unexpected temperatures and repeat such applications, three days after the aforementioned temperatures. In this way, we can improve the plants higher tolerance to adverse temperature conditions. To achieve the maximum effectiveness of the product, we recommend that it be applied in the final minutes of watering.